Thank you so much, so far it is working. I have been in the computer business 20 years+ and never experienced the kind of concern, support and assistance that you have given.
I GOTTA HAVE THIS! Please call asap! (phone # omitted)
Lastly, you should know that the map for (firm omitted) has already created inquiries regarding purchases... Both (name omitted) and myself were most pleased! THANKS Again for such a great product!!
This is an awesome service you are providing and hope things all can work... Thanks so much.
Thanks so much, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your prompt help in all matters. I will be sure to recommend your service to my colleagues.
It's like a dream come true.
We really appreciate the great support you have provided us with the map.
Perfect! That works great! It is much smoother in places like California where we have many cities. This is great! Thanks for the great support!
Thank you very much for your prompt response and your help! So far working with just the basic functions of this product has been great, and the support you guys offer have been superb. I'm very impressed...
I just wanted to say your product is absolutely incredible!
jQueryMaps has created and delivered a quality product within budget and timescale, and continues to provide an outstanding after sales service and support to match. We use their maps on our intranet to provide employees access to the latest data.
AWESOME - THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUGGESTIONS! I'll try them and let them know if they work. I can't say HOW IMPRESSED I am with you! You'll be hearing my praises for a long time! Thanks!
Thanks very much for the prompt attention - its unusual these days to find a company that continuously cares about their product (and work Saturdays).
Guys, thanks for getting back with me so quickly on this issue. I'm very impressed with your level of customer service.
I love you guys. Everything looks and act great! Thank you
Thanks! It was a hit and folks were excited about the map.
Thanks, first of all. VERY fun to work with this.
Excellent!! Thanks for your help so far! As always, you guys can really be counted on for great support!
I love your service and your company! You are very responsive and very helpful. I really appreciate it. I am certain your company will do very well because of this.
Sweet! It's looking a lot more like what we need (and for multiple clients as well!) -- I absolutely love the javascript to flash features -- that just plain rocks! You guys, without a doubt, have the best flash mapping features I've seen, and I've been looking forever.
Thanks to you folks for such extreme service! Best I have ever experienced! Pass along to your Superiors!
Thank you so much! Your feedback made my decision. I will be getting several maps shortly.
Thanks for all your help. Its been a great experience dealing with your company. I wish more people did business in such a professional manner such as yourselves. Thanks again!
Thank you! You are the most reliable support I ever had!
Thanks for your assistance and stellar response time! Great job!
You have been excellent with your support. Thank you. I I You have been excellent with your support. Thank you. I appreciate your responsiveness and concern. I appreciate your responsiveness and concern.
That worked perfectly! You guys give the best customer service, thanks so much!
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